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About Us

Who We Are

Bishops' Orchard is a seasonal farm that offers locals a variety of fresh fruits and ciders. We specialize in apples and pears but offer customers so much more. At Bishops' Orchard we feel incredibly lucky that we get to do what we love and we’d love for you to take part in the experience. Come for the cider, stay for the relaxing environment and memories.

We offer the opportunity to come enjoy the outdoors and the fruits of our labors. The orchard is open to all, but we ask that you keep in mind this is not a theme park. We offer a unique agricultural experience that we are fortunate to be able to share with the community.

Mission and Aspirations

An Environmental and Natural Farm

We believe that fresh food is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious produce, while engaging with the community of the Palouse by providing a place to come, and enjoy the great outdoors while picking some fruit or pressing some fresh cider.

Our Story

Our Roots Grow Deep

When Stephen and Sally Bishop moved to Garfield, they did so with the dream of starting an orchard. In 1978 they made that dream a reality when they planted the first saplings that would later become Bishops' Orchard. During this time, they also purchase their first tractor, a 1952 Ford N8. This machine would be the workhorse for the Bishops as they expanded their operation. Over the next 8 years, they continued to plant trees all across the south slope and by 1986 they had planted 9 acres. In 1987 they put up a wind machine to prevent frost damage to the orchard and have not had a complete crop failure since its installment.

In 2006, the orchard was given the opportunity to expand. They purchased three acres from a local farmer, followed by another 6 acres in 2008. The original intent for the new acreage was that it would be planted with apples used primarily in hard cider, however a sudden extreme drop in temperatures during the 2009 harvest season caused permanent damage to many of the trees in the orchard and it was soon discovered that many of the culinary trees would not live many more seasons. 

To maintain a healthy variety within the orchard and to mitigate the eventual loss of many fruit-bearing trees, the decision was made to plant new culinary trees on the newly acquired land. In an effort to shorten the period of time a tree requires to grow before being able to bear fruit, Stephen and Sally planted trellis-supported dwarf trees which tend to come into bearing two-to-three years sooner than their traditional counterparts.

Currently the orchard operates  two John Deere 2040’s, two John Deere 2255’s, two John Deere 85F’s, and a John Deere 76F. An old Cat D2 is also used to pull trees, etc.. The F series John Deere tractors are ideal for orchard conditions; Its compact body offers more than enough power for the day to day work of the farm.

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