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Fresh Pressed Cider

We offer the opportunity for you to press your own cider using our old-fashioned cider presses. We've even gathered the apples for you.

Important: Due to high demand, cider is done on a reservation basis. If you would like to make a reservation please contact us via email. Additionally, please note that there is a two gallon minimum when pressing cider.


More information on cider can be found in the newsletter.




Throughout the summer, different varieties of apples are coming to ripen. We pick those apples for you and bring them down to the cider presses where you can mix and match to get the perfect cider.



Cider is created by putting apples through a grinder. This process is called pulping. When enough apples have been pulped, they are then squeezed in a press to produce cider.


Consume Safely

Before consumption, cider must be pasteurized to ensure that it is free of harmful bacteria. To download a PDF on pasteurization, click here.

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