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Summerred:    Harvest Completed

Delightful red summer apple. Makes pink applesauce. Golden Delicioius / McIntosh cross.

Wealthy:    Harvest Completed

Old time favorite. Red, good all purpose apple.

McIntosh:    Harvest Completed

Perhaps the best all-purpose apple. Consistently popular. Discovered as chance seedling in Ontario in late 1700s. Excellent crop 2023!

Cortland:   Harvest Completed

Large, red on green apple from New York. Makes chunky applesauce. Remains white for extended period when used in salads. Very good crop 2023!

Liberty:   Harvest Completed

Extraordinary new variety. A medium to large red apple. Very tasty, mildly tart dessert apple. Good crop for 2023!

Empire  Harvest Completed

Red Delicious / McIntosh cross from New York. Highly rated in taste tests worldwide. Red, smallish all-purpose apple. Good crop for 2023.

Spartan:    Harvest Completed

Excellent all-purpose apple. Tend to be small to medium in size. Dark red in color coming from a Newton / McIntosh cross from British Columbia. Sweet in flavor.

Golden Delicious: Harvest Completed

Excellent, all-purpose apple


Bartlett:    Harvest Completed 

Good canning and dessert pear.

D'Anjou:    Harvest Completed

Excellent Dessert pear.

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